Laura Strong's past projects include:


  • Adaptive Fitness
    Fitness trainer and massage practitioner
  • Asbuilt Services
    Website and quote system for architectural asbuilt drawing service
  • Azalea Decor & Gifts
    Website and shopping cart for retail store
  • Bay Area Tumor Institute
    Nonprofit website for cancer patients and health-care providers
  • Bayview Farmer's Market
    Whidbey Island farmer's market website
  • Blue Oak Vineyards
    Website to promote the sale of a vineyard estate
  • C.Beauty
    Database-driven e-commerce spa website
  • Centro Naturopático Atabey
    Naturopathic doctor's medical center in Puerto Rico
  • CommonWell Institute International
    Nonprofit organization working towards peaceful, poverty-free lives around the world
  • Dynamic Listening
    Jungian analyst and licensed Solisten provider
  • Ecstatic Waves Dance
    Roth 5 Rhythms movement practioner's website
  • Education Resource Network
    Personalized web-based community for teachers
  • Family Caregiver Alliance
    Nonprofit database-driven website for caregivers
  • Flanagan Fly Fishing
    Fly fishing guide on Whidbey Island
  • Gnomads
    Community website for traveling toy action figures
  • The Greenhouse Spa
    E-commerce website for chain of day spas
  • Hilary Hart
    Website for author whose work focuses on women's spiritual power
  • Shannon Hirst, ND
    Seattle naturopathic doctor's website
  • Inside Answers
    Personal development consultant's blog-based website and shopping cart
  • Len Young Intuitive
    Website for intuitive counselor
  • Link2Care
    Nonprofit database-driven web-based community for caregivers of those with dementia
  • Listening Clarity
    Website for certified Tomatis method practitioner
  • Medical Leadership Council on Cultural Proficiency
    Website for nonprofit that supports the diverse language needs of patients and doctors in California
  • Myth and Politics
    Blog for cultural mythologist
  • Odum Institute
    Website for social science research institute at the University of North Carolina
  • Peak Performance
    NUCA chiropractic center website
  • Quantum Leaps
    Nonprofit website for the global development of women in business
  • >
    Website for nonprofit that provides hot air balloon rides for people with special needs
  • Smith Medical Pedicures
    Website for therapeutic foot and nail care office
  • Solisten
    Product launch website with e-commerce that promotes the portable application of the Tomatis method
  • Spiral of Life
    Transformative Natural Medicine
  • Steiner Leisur
    International spa network website
  • Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms
    Self-published author's book launch
  • Whidbey Island Naturopathic
    Naturopathic doctor's website


  • Autovod
    Streaming-media content delivery system, website and iPad apps
  • Chat the Planet
    Qwidget Word-press plugin
  • Cisco Systems
    Video wall and kiosk for executive briefing center
  • DHL
    "DHL Connect" - Downloadable shipping software
  • Early Bird Alert
    Home medical monitoring system
  • EcoAdvisor
    Environmentally-friendly lighting advisor
  • FonJax
    Remote testing service for cell phones and other wireless devises
  • Institute for Behavioral Research (IBR)
    Fatigue analysis software for transportation and manufacturing industries
  • Institute for Sustainable Performance of Buildings (SuPerB)
    Interface design for nonprofit that creates computer-based educational materials for the building industry
  • Interval Research
    "Portable Effects" - Interactive video with Quicktime VR
  • Legacy Foundation
    Philanthropic game platform
  • Learn High Performance Buildings (LHPB)
    Online educational training with 3D interactive simulations that teach energy enhancement of commercial buildings
  • Nexium
    Product launch and service and support, financial and medical division websites
  • Nextel Communications
    Computer-based training fantasy world, and "Powerfone" simulation and CBT
  • Om Direct
    Food distribution system that gets fresh, local, organic food to large-scale buyers such as restaurants and schools
  • Orban "Airtime"
    QNX-based touchscreen on-air database delivery system for radio stations
  • Orban "Audicy"
    Digital audio workstation for radio and TV broadcast stations
  • Orban "Optimod 8400"
    Digital FM and TV audio processor
  • Plantronics "VolumeLogic"
    Streaming audio media & voice processors
  • Steiner Spa Network
    Spa management, procurement and client tracking system
  • Thorlo Socks - "Cosmo" The Learning Game
    Exploratory game set in a medieval castle, which measures human interaction skills
  • US Department of Energy "National Weatherization Training Portal"
    Online courses, manuals, videos and 3D interactive simulations
  • ZebraZapps
    E-commerce account and project management portal